Landscape Design: from Alligator Pits to Rainforest Grotto

The Garden Fund of Pinecrest Gardens chose Galloway Farm Nursery to assist in the redevelopment of  the three “pits” in the lower garden that were once home to the alligators who were housed there during Parrot Jungle days but were now barren and lacked any cohesive plant life or design. The Gardens thought the area held the potential to become lush wet gardens that would form a rainforest grotto consisting of Ferns, Alocasias, and aquatic plants.

With the generous help of Jim Lawrence of Galloway Farm Nursery, a design plan was conceived which pulled the three adjacent sections together, creating a wide vista that draws the eye beyond its present borders. It is also to be outfitted with drip irrigation in order to maintain moisture which will help to cre-ate microclimates within each of the three grottos. The plan calls for clothing the rocks with Begonias and Ferns to simulate authentic rainforest lagoons.Once its growth cycle is completed, the area promises to be one of the most attractive and complimentary improvements that the Fund has enacted. The lower garden is a lush compilation of winding path-ways, water features, rock walls and waterfalls. It houses rare Palms and plants from all over the world, and it is one of the most beautiful examples of what a tropical rainforest can become with the assistance of those who nurture it.


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